The name Ava, in Arabic, means voice which seems to be self-explanatory for most people who know me.  Outspoken, loud, passionate are only a few words usually used to describe me. My motivations lie in human rights, developing countries, and children. Yet, the question I get asked most is “Where are you from?” My golden brown complexion combined with my dramatic Asian eyes usually have people stumped. Yes, I have a State I was born in and yes, I have a country where my parents are from. Yet, I wish my answer could be as easy as most. The many homes I’ve had in various countries can’t seem to answer the question, so maybe my experiences can. This blog remains a way for me to share my thoughts and maybe in the process, answer the question of where I’m from. I’ll be sharing daily thoughts, to travel tips, to my views on politics. My life is a series of anecdotes and I hope you enjoy them.


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