Diary of a Muslim Girl

Let’s talk about the once taboo topic that has now emerged as a discussion subject on the dinner table. Being real, Islam was a far fetched concept that was uncomfortable to talk about. So, in a way, let’s applaud Mr. Trump. (But, only for that) Back to our article, here are some words from the diary of a Muslim girl.

Surprisingly, going to an all-white school most of my life, I never noticed how I stood out. I always thought of myself as an equal because thankfully, that’s how I was treated for most of my life. I never noticed how my shade of skin was so rare in my community or how I was the only one to miss school for Eid. As years went by, I started to notice how people reacted when I told them I was Muslim or that I go to Mosque every weekend. The questions started pouring in. “Wait, you’re Muslim? Why don’t you wear Hijab? You look Indian, how are you Muslim?” I realized maybe I wasn’t treated differently because from the outside perspective, you needed to wear Hijab to be Muslim. Preconceived notions affect everyone yet most people don’t know about the inner struggles of the Islamic community.

What truly embodies the perfect Muslim woman? There is no image of how a Muslim girl should or shouldn’t be. We come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors, styles, etc. Let’s all try not to assume things about people before getting to know them and I’m positive we can all embrace in our similarities and our differences. I’m proud to be a Muslim woman and my faith determines who I am, not how I am perceived.


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  1. RyanC says:

    Thank you for sharing this! My best friend is Muslim and I noticed that people’s misconceptions about Islam as a faith affected how he was treated. But I’m happy to say that as a fellow ethnic myself – the majority of our interactions here in Australia have been overwhelmingly positive!

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