What I’ve realized recently is how little people truly know about the Israel-Palestine conflict. The issue has been ongoing for many years and people need to get educated about this conflict that has caused so much suffering.

The conflict started in the mid-20th century when Jews who were fleeing persecution in Europe wanted to create a national homeland in an area, which was then an Arab and Muslim majority territory. This territory was a part of the Ottoman and then British Empire. Much of this came from the fear of anti-Semitic persecution in Europe as well as Zionism. Zionism was the ideology that states how Jews deserve their own state of Israel.  As the Arabs were already there, they resisted because they stated that the land was rightfully theirs.

The conflict led to two major wars, one in 1948 and one in 1967. The 1967 war remained significant as it left Israel in control of major Palestinian territories, the West Bank and Gaza strip. Israeli control includes Israeli troops who enforce security restrictions and activities. Additionally, when Israeli forces defeated Palestinian armies, the conflict caused 700,000 Palestinian civilians to become refuges.

The current discussion remains in the struggle of reaching a peace agreement. The discussion also involves possible solutions, which include a ‘two state solution’ or a ‘one state solution’. The ‘two state solution’ would establish Palestine as an independent state in Gaza and some of the West Bank however, allows Israel to keep the rest of the land. The ‘one state solution’ would establish all of the land as either Israel or Palestine. The two sides still have not come to an agreement and the conflict is ongoing, causing deaths, refugees to flee, especially among children.


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